Jerusalem – the best place in the world!

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Jerusalem is the capital and largest city in Israel. Diverse and abundant city is a major tourist attraction in the country and the world and offers many attractions including historical sites and sacred to the three religions, museums, shopping centers, markets and more. Represent you six attractions in and around Jerusalem you must catch your next visit to the city.

Some attractions in Jerusalem, for example, Botanical Gardens is located in Givat Ram in Jerusalem and is a green natural area in the heart of Jerusalem, where you can find the largest collection of living plants in the country, an artificial lake, many ponds, garden herbs and spices and unique tropical greenhouse plants.

Ein Karem Enjoy sweet Belgian chocolate and preservative-free ice cream Italian kosher, all homemade, and attend workshops for every age. Home store is located in the heart of an ancient village surrounded by forests, and you will find it even dried fruit, wine and coffee.

Agricultural Visitor Center – a basketful of organic invites you to explore, taste and purchase a variety of locally-produced organic products, such as olive oil, tahini, honey, jams and liqueurs. You will also participate in picking your own fruit and vegetables and guided tours.

Segway will be happy to allow you to see the beautiful places in Jerusalem when you are traveling on a Segway, a tool powered by body movements. The company will provide you with personal Segway he will travel around the city, the most beautiful tracks and safest Jerusalem.

Country reindeer farm, located in the heart of a pine forest, you will find activities for the whole family including live – bar, extreme sports, 4×4, camping accommodation and restaurant. Among the different activities where you will find omega-wall characters, and rope park bungee trampolines.

Spa Ramat Rachel awaits you end the day fruitful and full of experiences you’ve been through Jerusalem. You are invited to relax and enjoy body and facial treatments, Jacuzzi, pool, sauna, relaxation area with refreshments and of course a very high level of service. Instead you can also hold fun days for groups.

Jerusalem and its environs can be found in various types of attractions, so you should see the most best spots to visit them, and give them priority to visit your nearest city. Jerusalem is a city not to be missed for many reasons, and it can always find new and surprising things to do, so what are you waiting for?


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Fun, adventure, restaurants and of course the hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem easily find the perfect holiday for you. Whether you prefer to vacation with your family’s luxury suite hotels in Jerusalem, or whether you prefer to sleep in nature and exploring the mountains and beautiful forests surrounding the city on all sides.

Attractions to be found in Jerusalem

Historical and religious sites, exhibits a light sound, museums, markets and promenades are just some of the many attractions that Jerusalem has to offer. Know that tourism agencies and sometimes Jerusalem hotels spend tours at selected sites in and around Jerusalem. Something worth checking out.

Among the most prominent sites in Jerusalem are:

• Old City – the area surrounded by the walls of Jerusalem. Contains archaeological sites, including many religious Western Wall, the Temple Mount and the Holy Sepulchre.
• The Israel Museum – the largest museum in the country, the page range of shows and exhibits on art, archeology and Judaica. You can also find the Shrine of the Book, used Cmscnn of the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the Judean Desert.
• Lift time – a spectacular audiovisual show tells the story of Jerusalem during the 3000 years of its existence.
• Ammunition Hill – a national memorial. Ammunition Hill hard battle took place in the Six Day War, the area was used to store ammunition bunker.
• Yad Vashem – Holocaust memorial institution, including memorials and commemorative many.

Restaurants in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem there are many excellent restaurants that will give you a unique gastronomic experience while enjoying your holiday. The best food you will find the table of fruit and vegetables in excellent Arcadia Mahane Yehuda market, Sakura, is an amazing  Japanese restaurant  and a has a wonderful reputation. Important – Be careful not to eat at unauthorized place and food court, you might get diarrhea or even hemorrhoids – very unpleasant illness that and can ruin your whole trip.

Hotels in Jerusalem

Booty Jerusalem hotels are suitable for everyone and every budget. Some of the most prestigious of which are:

• King David Hotel – prominent Israeli hotel located in central Jerusalem, King David Street, overlooking the scenic old town.
• David Citadel Hotel – luxury hotel enjoys an international reputation and overlooks the David Citadel and Old City walls.
• up five hotels – located in Kibbutz Ma’ale five near the city and serves as a good departure point for excursions in the Jerusalem hills.
• Crowne Plaza Hotel – located near the International Convention Center. One of the luxurious hotels in Jerusalem are considered.
• Mamilla Hotel – a luxury hotel located above the Mamilla Avenue, walking distance from the old town and boasts high quality accommodation and modern design and very impressive.
Jerusalem hotels low-budget vacation

Who is not looking for or can not afford the most prestigious, can find hotels in Jerusalem, clean, good and cheap suitable for every budget:

• Park Plaza – located at the entrance to Jerusalem near the Israel Museum and the Central Station.
• Gates of Jerusalem – Hotel located at the entrance to the city.
• Tower Hotel – Located in the city center.
• Montefiore – renovated hotel in the heart of Jerusalem.